Nortrad Auctions House Clearance Services

Being an Auction House, there are many advantages to using Nortrad Auctions when looking for your house to be cleared, whether it is a Full House Clearance or a partial Clearance.


Well quite simply, at our Nortrad Auctions’ House Clearance arm, we offer a couple of options for you to choose from, depending on which we both agree is better for you.

First, we are happy to carry out your House Clearance in the traditional way, Set Cost – Done and Dusted – House Cleared – Items disposed of.

Second, which is extremely popular with our customers who have items of possible value, our Auction Clearance Service – we will clear your house, Full or Partial, and then look to auction off as many items as we feel are suitable and we will try our utmost to make sure you recoup some, all or more, (in many cases), of whatever our upfront costs to you for the clearance are.

We are proud that we offer a professional and courteous service, something which is extremely important, especially we feel if the clearance is for Probate or due to the passing of a loved one or some other emotive reason.

We hold the correct licenses and you will receive a proper disposal receipt so you know all items which we are not able to auction, (if this option is chosen), or sent to a charity, is disposed of properly. We try to make sure that as little as possible goes to waste firms.

Our fees are extremely competitive so please feel free to either contact us on 01227 934 567 to discuss your requirements or complete our House Clearance Form.

One piece of advice we tell anyone that is looking to have a house cleared – Never assume something is worthless! We have regularly found items that have, in some cases, substantial value, that customers were going to throw into a skip!

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